Wildlife Viewing


Wildlife Viewing

No one dares to breathe as we focus on the sound of branches snapping in the bushes. There’s definitely something big in there. Hear the collective “Oooh!” as an enormous bull elk emerges from the thicket. When he turns his majestic head and stares right into your camera lens, you know you’ve got the shot of a lifetime.

Alberta is teeming with wildlife and offers some of the most accessible and rewarding wildlife viewing year round. Set off at dawn or in the evening, when the animals are most active. Deer, eagles, coyotes and herds of elk, big horn sheep and mountain goats are often spotted. Keep your eyes open for bear, moose, beaver and the elusive wolf. Professional guides are waiting to take you to their best spots. Grab your camera and get out to where the wild things are.


"Catching a glimpse of a black bear in the woods in the middle of my backswing at Banff Springs Golf Course...wow!" ~ C.Bedford, Alberta

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